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Add:3rd Floor, Hasee Building, No.1, Banlan Road, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen luohu district government emergency command system


Luohu district is one of the center of the city of shenzhen. At present has become the financial center of shenzhen, flourishing commercial center, cultural entertainment area and the country's largest gold jewellery processing base, enhance urban functions. For is in the process of the comprehensive modernization of shenzhen luohu district, to strengthen the construction of social security monitoring system as a strategic measure to improve the quality of public security in luohu district has is the top priority, the government's emergency command system arises at the historic moment.
Luohu district emergency command center, video conference system consists of two most center system, the venue systems, center system (server system) includes: the primary server (including MCU server), conference control host and gateway server, etc. Breakout system includes: conference terminals, display ?