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Add:3rd Floor, Hasee Building, No.1, Banlan Road, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Wangjiang county, anqing city new bus station

In 1984, the provincial water, land transportation, anhui provincial people's government decided to the enterprise management system reform, motor transport company anqing in anhui province ranks anqing area, belonging to anqing area transport, renamed "anqingTrucking companies. "in 1986, the company has grown to administer ten anqing city area county, a city (including chizhou guichi area city, county, east to stone Taiwan) eleven and twelve team bus station, has 3921 employees, 724 sets of passenger and cargo vehicles, annual sales of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan. In 1998, anqing automobile transportation company shareholding system reform, according to the municipal government unified deployment establishment anqing trucks group co., LTD., group company in anqing city and eight had jurisdiction over county (city), respectively, set up 62 points (a) company, fixed assets of 202.6 million yuan, with passenger and cargo