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Shenzhen gas group scheduling command system

Shenzhen gas group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "shenzhen gas") was founded in 1982, the company to carry forward the "exploration, innovation, efficiency, service" spirit of enterprise, adherence to the "safe gas supply, high quality service" the management objective, comprehensive strength grows rapidly, the current total of more than 1.3 million subscribers, adherence to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of the safety management guideline makes gas for many years in shenzhen, China's largest 500 enterprises group, one of the top in gas industry in the country.
Shenzhen gas in the face of further optimization of the management pattern, improve the level of quality service, to ensure the safe and efficient supply, on the basis of the first developed in the same industry at home and use the "city gas customer service and production management system", the Introduction of burning

Actual case diagram of the project:

Customer evaluation:
Angle depending on the scheduling command system improves the working efficiency of the company optimize the management mode; To save the cost of each area to attend the meeting and valuable time; To prevent regional security plays an important role.