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  • Product Type:AOP-IP3F32P-IR-W
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    1/4” line scanning digital and advanced DSP technology

    Picture Resolution 720P color CMOS , 1.0 Mega Pixel, 1280X720
    Optimized H.264 Main Profile compression algorithm, high compression ratio and high quality image; convenient to realize a transmission of HD images on a narrow band, thus it can save the storage space; support triple bit streams
    The most advanced network delivery server technology ,Easily achieve more user access , Multi-stage user password rights management 
    Built in Web Server, through the IE browser easy to realize the remote control Settings prison see operation
    Support facilities remote security upgrade function
    Support DDNS ,PPPoE and(UPnP),Support Lan ,Wan transport. 
    Technology of self adaptability to network that it may adjust its video flame rate automatically according to the bandwidth of network
    Functions of alarm in video missing, mobile detection or probe, etc. (available to set the regions and sensitivity)
    Support mobile detection / image shielding / image snapshot 
    Functions of auto recovery in abnormality and auto reconnection in network breakdown
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