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  • Product Type:AOP-IPC8F1AM-Z5
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     1/2.8” line scanning digital and advanced DSP technology
     Picture Resolution 1080P color CMOS , 2.0 Mega Pixel, 1920X1080
     Optimized H.264 Main Profile compression algorithm, high compression ratio and high quality image; convenient to realize a transmission of HD images on a narrow band, thus it can save the storage space; support triple bit streams
     The most advanced network delivery server technology ,Easily achieve more user access , Multi-stage user password rights management
     Built in Web Server, through the IE browser easy to realize the remote control Settings prison see operation
     Support facilities remote security upgrade function
     Support DDNS ,PPPoE and(UPnP),Support Lan ,Wan transport.
     Technology of self adaptability to network that it may adjust its video flame rate automatically according to the bandwidth of network
     Functions of alarm in video missing, mobile detection or probe, etc. (available to set the regions and sensitivity)
     Support mobile detection / image shielding / image snapshot
     Functions of auto recovery in abnormality and auto reconnection in network breakdown

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